SAT Private Tutoring

One-on-One SAT Private Tutoring Quick Facts:

  • Most popular method of preparation for the SAT.
  • Baseline scores required for enrollment – either GSP Practice Test OR an Official Score
  • Private Tutorial sessions are typically scheduled for 1.5-hr sessions
  • Private Tutorials are typically scheduled for between 6 & 18 hours in duration (4 – 12 weeks)
  • Ideal for students with significant differences in their sub-scores
  • Perfect for students with busy schedules
  • Ideal for students who want the highest possible improvement

Get Smarter Prep has three highly trained and experienced levels of tutors for SAT private tutoring:

Standard-Level Tutors can be a great option for many students.

Standard-Level Tutors have a strong grasp of the strategies and have been promoted from a classroom instructor due to their proven score increases. While they are the most recent tutors at GSP, they have successfully completed our intensive hiring process and extensive training.

The cost for a GSP Standard Tutor is $150/hr.

Master-Level Tutors offer a combination of experience & commitment.

Master-Level Tutors have been with GSP for between 2.5  & 5 years and have demonstrated their consistent reliability when it comes to helping students improve on the ACT/SAT. Their consistent score increases command a loyal customer base who have had their college choices deeply impacted by higher scores.

The cost for a GSP Master Tutor is $250/hr.

Premier-Level Tutors represent the very best our company offers.

Our Premier Tutors have gained their extensive skill through experience, and use that know-how to help students improve their scores! They have actively worked with the test for 5+ years and have worked with many different types of students during their career. Our Premier-Level Tutors see the largest and most consistent improvements of any of our tutors.

The cost for a GSP Premier Tutor is $350/hr.

Web-Based SAT Private Tutoring

Online one-on-one tutoring is available for students located outside the Kansas City metro area or when attending sessions at one of our locations is not possible.