July ACT Test

ACT Announces July Test Date for 2018

Students often look to the summer as a perfect time to prepare for the ACT. Most students have considerably more time over the summer, and Junior year, especially, can be over-full with academic and extra-curricular commitments.

Attempting to develop a prep schedule that takes full advantage of summer’s bounty of free time, however, can be tricky. After the June ACT, there isn’t another test date until mid-September, meaning that even a full 10-week prep schedule won’t begin until July. Many students and parents begin the summer ready to dive into studying, but working on ACT prep for 3-4 straight months just doesn’t make sense for most students, and studying that doesn’t lead directly to a test date (taking an ACT class in June, for example, and not taking the test until September) is often times counter-productive. Our brains have a lot of interesting things to occupy them, and given the opportunity, ACT strategies are quickly replaced by other, more compelling ideas.

For these reasons, we at Get Smarter Prep were excited to see the ACT announce that they will offer a July test date starting in 2018. This will likely be a great fit for students just finishing either Sophomore (c/o 2020) or Junior year (c/o 2019) who have very limited time for prep during the school year. Having another option will make it easier to find a test date that works for you!

By Audrey Hazzard, Premier-Level Tutor

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