Free At-Home Practice Tests
for the ACT

Free At-Home Practice Tests

We now have opportunities available to take a free, proctored ACT exam in your own home on select dates!

Please complete the form on this page. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your registration, and we’ll mail your physical test to the address you provide. When you receive your exam, do not complete it until the designated testing time. A couple of days before the testing event, we will send a reminder with log-in information for the video chat. You’ll need a quiet work space where you’ll be undisturbed during testing. Your camera will need to be set up so that the proctor can see you, your test and answer sheet throughout the test.

When the test is over, you’ll send us a photo of your answers. We will score the exam and reach out to schedule a ScoresBack appointment. These meetings can be virtual as well! During the meeting, we’ll review the scores and answer any questions you have about the exam and the college admissions process in general.

While some things may be changing during this time, some things remain consistent. Taking a practice test with us is still absolutely free. And, as always, we’re using official exams that were given on official test dates within the last three years – unlike the big-box test prep companies, which use exams their employees made up. This way you’ll get an accurate score, not a guesstimate.

**If you’ve already taken official tests (excluding PreACT & PSAT), these scores will be used in lieu of the GSP Practice Tests.**

The Test will begin promptly at 10AM on Fridays & 9AM on Saturdays, so be sure to begin logging in at least 15 minutes before (using the information sent in your testing reminder email). Good luck!

Instructions for the remote-proctored ACT Practice Test

View the video below to learn more about what makes the ACT different than tests taken at school.