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Get Smarter Prep Partners with The Future Of Us

Get Smarter Prep is pleased to announce a partnership with The Future of Us, a local non-profit that provides character-based scholarships to high school students from underfunded and under-acknowledged communities.


Starting in 2021, Get Smarter Prep will provide up to seven scholarships to well-deserving students for either one of our ACT courses, if applicable, or One-on-One Private Tutoring. The Future of Us will choose a student who they deem will benefit the most from receiving ACT prep.


Get Smarter Prep and The Future of US are both passionate about helping Kanas City metro students achieve their dreams by supporting them through ACT prep.


“We are so excited to team up with The Future of Us and help local students reach their ACT goals. The ACT is one test, that without help from a tutor, can quickly become overwhelming and take up a lot time,” said Marketing Director Jill Purcell. “We have numerous strategies to make the test manageable and help beat test anxiety.”


The purpose of extending ACT preparation is to provide local high school students, who would not otherwise have the chance to complete ACT prep, the opportunity to reach their own goals and attend college and/or receive scholarships to make college more affordable.


About The Future of Us

The Future Of Us was founded in Kansas City, Missouri by three Ruskin High School graduates. Each of whom went on to graduate college where they identified a disparity in the amount of collegiate opportunities and support for students from more affluent communities than their own.

The Future of Us wants to strengthen the financial and structural support network in communities lacking collegiate influence. They invest in students by offering finances, time, guidance, leadership, support and encouragement for their academic goals. For more information, please visit their website.

Partnership with Team Cura

Partnership with Team CuraSM

Get Smarter Prep is excited to announce a new partnership with Overland Park-based, Team CuraSM. Team CuraSM is a digital education provider specializing in personal brand development for high school athletes that show potential to play at the next level.

As a member of their Skills Beyond DrillsSM Training Program, your athlete receives a series of short videos and guides. Each interactive video offers detailed steps to help your athlete gain confidence in the areas such as social media smarts, professionalism, time management, personal brand development, leadership, and more.

Each athlete will receive a series of videos, guides, E-books and activities, giving them a variety of ways to learn. Every resource offers detailed steps to help you student gain confidence in developing their personal brand.

Their team makes it easy for busy students to have access to the Skills Beyond DrillsSM training program by providing availability on smart phones, tablets and computers.

Team Cura’s goal is to help every student-athlete build their personal brand while effectively being able to communicate to their teammates, parents, teachers, and coaches throughout their high school career and onto college or beyond.

To learn more about Team CuraSM, visit their website.