Career Assessment

You will be given a comprehensive online assessment that will gauge your learning style, interests, personality, and career focus. This is not your typical assessment – this will combine the expert research and knowledge within the Career Counseling field (think psychometricians like John Holland) with thinking abilities (not completely different than what the ACT or SAT is testing) to provide an output that can be used to compare your results with thousands of careers. We’ll even help you learn more about the data the Department of Labor (literally millions of data points) has available that ties to this assessment.

In the end, one of our knowledgeable counselors will go over the results of your assessment and discuss possibilities and paths through your feedback and conversation – discussing careers, as well as possible majors that could be the best fit for your interests, skills, and behavior.

Should you have follow-up questions, Get Smarter Prep is always just an email or phone call away!

Price:   $395.00

See examples of the Career Assessment Below.

Pathway Planner Summary

One of the six Career Assessments given above are the thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests in the example provided. Career Assessment Example