College List

Create Your College List:

There are 3000 colleges in the United States and sometimes students focus on those few colleges that get the most PR or are talked about most in the echo chamber of their peers. We guarantee that there are more than a few schools that could be perfect for you that you’ve never even heard of! We want to strategically help you find a set of schools that are as unique as you are while also properly tailored to your preferences.

Did you know that 1/3 of all college students transfer sometime during their undergrad. All too often this is because students weren’t as intentional about their college selection process as they should have been. Just imagine all of the wasted time and money spent on classes that may not transfer, let alone the social ramifications.

Our customized approach helps students better understand their needs and values in order to provide a short list of schools that best meet the competing needs outlined in our early discussions while not compromising the values that are important to them.

We start with a short 30-45 minute discussion with the student and their parents to begin learning about those items that are most important to them. Our experts will then use that information to begin researching and eventually crafting a list of schools that we think best match the information provided, and will deliver a 10-school list custom-tailored for you and your child within seven days.

One-on-one Assistance: $150/hr
Basic Package (4 hours): $550