Fun Facts about Claire Engel

1. I have a nephew who is three years older than me. He really only calls me his “aunt” as a joke. 

2. Good books insist upon my entire attention. I usually finish them in one or two days because I simply can’t help it. I also reread books a million times with the same level of enjoyment. 

3. Even though I played soccer for over ten years, I have never broken a bone or gotten a bloody nose. 

4. My sister is my best friend. Although there is a six year age difference, some people claim we look like twins. We don’t.

5. I’m naturally good at the piano. I only took formal lessons for a year, but I taught myself awhile afterwards. I didn’t like the structure of the lessons and wanted to learn in my own way. Now I can go months without playing and sit down and perform just as well as I ever had. It makes me wish I had stuck to lessons longer.

6. I love video games. I also enjoy people’s surprised looks when I tell them this.

7. I’m dying to travel. I’ve only left the country once, but as it was a Cancun trip for senior year spring break I hardly count it. 

8. When I was in the fourth grade, I wrote a 100 page book. I carried it around with me everywhere for two weeks out of pride.

9. I’m unbeatable at most word games. Especially Boggle, which my family refuses to play with me.

10. Growing up, I had two horses. Everyone at school thought that was the coolest thing. Sometimes I really miss riding.

Claire Engel is a Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.

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