Fun Facts about Jennifer Schnelle

1. I would rather hand write a letter than write an email any day. Opening the mailbox and seeing a letter from someone is so much more exciting than opening an email or seeing a message on Facebook.

2. I am a self-proclaimed cheap skate. I dislike paying full price for any item and won’t unless I absolutely have to.

3. I love watching old TV shows on Netflix. I’m currently watching Magnum PI.

4. I have a pretty big collection of Turtle figures. I easily have over 100 and I’m still collecting.

5. If I could afford to take a taxi everywhere, I would. I only drive to work and home. My spouse does all of the rest of the driving.

6. If I had to choose between giving up TV or giving up music, I would give up TV without a doubt.

7. I played the flute from 3rd grade to 11th grade. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t play it now if I tried.

8. I went to high school with B.J. Bales. He’s the over excited guy that was in the Sony PSP commercials and various other commercials. He was even in a movie. “Scouts Honor: Badge To The Bone.”

9. ​My dream vacation is spending 2 weeks traveling Ireland and surrounding countries. That may be difficult though. I’m afraid of flying.

10. I hope to one day write a cookbook for women who are battling Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I would also like to run a charity for PCOS to raise money for research.

Jennifer Schnelle is the Office Manager at Get Smarter Prep.

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