Fun Facts about Zach Buckner

Fun Facts about Zach Buckner

1. I played football in high school and college. If you ever have the chance to play collegiate sports, I suggest you do. It was the best decision I made going into college. And if you’re worried about the workload, just think that I played football, was in a fraternity, and did biomedical engineering. If I can do it, anyone can. Besides, you’d just spend that free time playing Mario Kart in the dorms anyway.

2. I was the Prom King in high school and no, I’m not ashamed to brag about that seven years later. Okay, maybe a little.

3. I recently ran with the bulls in Spain. I do not suggest doing it. But it was amazing.

4. I’ve recently taken up trapeze and will soon be leaving GSP to pursue a career in it. Only half of that is true.

5. Despite being a football-playing jock, I am also a card-carrying nerd. Feel free to ask me about video games and fantasy novels.

6. My first job was working with my father to install and repair HVAC systems (furnaces and air conditioners). I suggest everyone has a manual labor job at least once in their life. It builds work ethic and makes office jobs seem a lot cushier.

7. My dream job would be to write comic books, but make the salary of a banker.

8. I really dig Wes Anderson. He’s the modern Shakespeare, in my opinion. Who else can deal with so many moving parts in terms of plot?

9. Joss Whedon, that’s who. Only, Joss’s mastery lies in containing and forcing interaction between larger than life characters. What Wes is to plot, Joss is to characters. What I’m saying is that I really dig Joss Whedon as well.

10. I love writing, though I don’t do it nearly enough. If we’re working together and you’d like me to look at something you’ve been writing, feel free to send it my way. I won’t just be another person telling you how good your writing is, I’ll actually give you some good feedback and notes.

Zach Buckner is a former Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.

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