Kauffman Scholars

When you hear Kauffman Scholars what do you think of? You probably think of smart and intelligent scholars. You are absolutely right. Kauffman Scholars is a multi-year college access and scholarship program designed to help low-income students in Kansas City prepare for and complete a college education. Mr. Ewing Marion Kauffman wanted children to be successful in life and to not have to worry about finances. Mr. Kauffman established the Foundation in the mid-1960’s with the same sense of opportunity he brought to his business endeavors, and, with the same conviction.

Mr. Kauffman wanted his foundation to be innovative and to fundamentally change people’s lives. He wanted to help young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, get a quality education that would enable them to reach their full potential. He saw building enterprise as one of the most effective ways to realize individual promise and spur the economy. Today, the mission of the Kauffman Foundation follows his vision by focusing its grant-making and operations on two areas: advancing entrepreneurship and improving the education of children and youth.

If you want to be successful in the Kauffman Scholars program, you have to be serious about your education and what you want to be in life. I am a Class 4 scholar. I have been in this program since I was in the sixth grade, and now I am a sophomore in college. I have overcome a lot of obstacles since I entered the program. When you are in middle school, you have school and then you have Kauffman programming every day with coaches that you have all year. Your coaches teach you what to expect in high school and in college, including college admissions and the ACT. During high school, you have Saturday classes and you switch to your post-secondary coaches. When you enter college, you switch coaches again and you only have yearly meetings, but you have year-long goals, such as turning in scholarships. My adventure with Kauffman has been a roller coaster, but I love it. I always remember the motto “Who Are We? Kauffman Scholars. Why Are We Here? To Get Ready. Failure Not an Option.”

Jazmine Roberts is the Summer Intern at Get Smarter Prep.

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