St. Norbert College

St. Norbert College

Name: Trisha McCulloch
College: St. Norbert College
Major: Political Science with a Secondary Education Emphasis

1. What first drew you to St. Norbert College?

The small campus and the fact that it offered a great Secondary Education emphasis.

2. What other colleges were you considering?

UW-Wisconsin Madison and Winona

3. How was the adjustment from high school to college?

I really enjoyed the adjustment from high school to college. I thought my high school did a great job holding us accountable for our homework and so it was easy to remain accountable in college. I could see how it would be easy to fall behind in school work if you weren’t used to have any homework or any responsibility in school. It was nice to be able to have class in the morning and then have the afternoon to get homework done. That left time at night to socialize and meet lots of new and interesting people!

4. What was your favorite class? Why?

I enjoyed my Judicial Behaviors and Procedures class. It was a very small class, the professor was pretty goofy but extremely knowledgeable, and he allowed us to debate in class. It was structured as more of a discussion class rather than a lecture. It was only two nights a week from 6:30 – 8:30 and most of the time the class flew by! I also met my husband in that class, so it will always be one of my favorites :)

5. What clubs or groups were you involved in?

** I was a peer mentor when I became an upperclassmen so I helped mentor the incoming freshman. I loved getting to know the incoming classes.
** I was also involved in intramural dodgeball.
** I got involved with the school’s LSI department (Leadership, Service, Involvement) and I organized some great fundraisers.
** I worked in the school’s education department as an assistant so I would make copies for the professors and help with any of their technological needs. It was a great way to get to know the education professors on a different level.
** My last year of school I was a Resident Assistant in one of the upper class dorms.

6. Anything else you want to tell us?

I was fortunate to find a great group of girls my first year of college that really made college the experience I was looking for. We all had very similar interests and even all wanted to be teachers. We roomed together for three years and to this day, those girls are still my best friends. College isn’t always an easy transition and there are a lot of days where you don’t really know what your place is or where you are going, but having a great support team really makes it all more manageable.

Trisha McCulloch is a Tutor at Get Smarter Prep in St. Louis.

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