University of Idaho

Name: Kathryn Mack
College: University of Idaho
Major: Mathematics; Minored in Physics

1) What drew you to University of Idaho?

UI is a rural college, and as such, removed from many of the pressures of city life. I liked its size – not too many students, but enough so that the programs I wanted were available. They had a good research record (at the time I was a full physics major), and since the school was relatively small, the chances of getting published as an undergraduate were much higher. UI was also about three hours from my family home, and as such, close enough to visit family, but not so close they would always be visiting me!

2) What class was your favorite and why?

I really enjoyed ballet, which I did for three years. It helped recharge my tired out brain.

3) Were there any clubs or groups you were involved in?

I was involved in the student group at the Neumann Center (Catholic church) on campus.

4) Is there anything you would like to add?

The personal nature of a small department is second to none. Everyone knows everyone, and so you simply can’t get lost in the crowd. You will succeed if you take advantage of the willing help offered to you by the professors.

5) In one sentence, what did you love about your school?

I loved the family-like atmosphere and the homespun farming life attitude.

Kathryn taught community college for some years after graduating but is now a very happy stay-at-home mom to two lovely daughters.

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