University of Kansas; Indiana University – Bloomington, Maurer School of Law

Name:  Amanda Meglemre
College: University of Kansas (undergrad); Indiana University – Bloomington, Maurer School of Law
Major: Political Science, French; law

1. What first drew you to KU?  

Being from NE Kansas, I was always a KU Basketball fan.  I grew up watching a lot of basketball (Kansas and Indiana were the teams my parents followed, so I did too!).  I had a vague idea that I wanted to be an international business woman who wears fancy suits and flies to Paris.  I toured the campus and learned more about KU’s programs in French and in Business.

2. What other colleges were you considering? 

I considered Indiana.  My family is a legacy family there, and they have a beautiful campus and a lot of great programs.  Indiana offers language houses which allows for language immersion, I sometimes wonder if I would be more fluent in French if I’d made that choice instead.  I also looked at Connecticut as a good public university option in the North East.  At the end of the day, Kansas was the most affordable (in-state!), offered me the best scholarships, and was close enough to home for me to do laundry at my parents’ house if need be.

3. How was the adjustment from high school to college? 

I found it a little rough for me. In high school, I was very involved in extra-curricular activities: sports, band, orchestra, and musicals. Comparatively, college was unstructured.  After a mediocre semester or two, I got more involved in my scholarship hall, the student senate, and other campus groups.  I found the structured niche I needed to be successful.

4. What was your favorite class? Why? 

Astronomy.  I took Astronomy because it seemed like the easiest of the lab sciences and the “lab” portion consisted of looking at cool stuff through a telescope.  It was NOT easy, but it was incredibly interesting.  Astronomy was basically physics in space, but Professor Twarog made the material come alive.

5. What clubs or groups were you involved in?

In undergrad, I was involved in the governance of my scholarship hall (Yay Douthart!), the All Scholarship Hall Council, Student Senate, Finance subcommittee, Student Rights subcommittee, Environmental Advisory Board, Judicial Board, KU Habitat for Humanity… I’m sure there were more.

6. Anything else you want to tell us? 

If you’re considering KU, I hope you’ll give a serious look to the Scholarship Hall Community.  The halls are smaller than residence halls and have committees and programs that engage students.  Douthart kept me from feeling anonymous at a larger school and eased my transition to KU.

7. In one sentence, what do you love about your school?   

KU has the programs and pride of a large school with the cuisine and community of a diverse small town.

Amanda Meglemre is  Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.

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