University of San Diego

University of San Diego

Name: Henry Powell
College: University of San Diego; Graduation Year: 2012
High School: Pembroke Hill; Graduation Year: 2008
Major: Marketing


1. What first drew you to the University of San Diego?

When I was going through my college search, I knew that I wanted to find a school that fit three criteria: a small school in a warmer climate that was also respected academically. I found that school in USD. Or rather more accurately, it found me since I had never heard of USD or even been to Southern California before an admissions representative visited my high school.

2. What other colleges were you considering?

Tulane University, Elon University, Rollins College, Pepperdine

3. How was the adjustment from high school to college?

It was a little bit more of a challenge for me to adjust to the differences in culture between the Midwest and Southern California than it was to make the leap from High School academics. I was faced with this on the first day when I met my two roommates, who were both from Newport Beach and had more shoes and ironed t-shirts than I ever thought guys should have, but I quickly adjusted to it and then fell in love with it.

4. What was your favorite class?

Given the small class sizes (my largest class had 43 students), I had several classes that I truly enjoyed, but if I had to pick one I would have to go with Physical Aspects of the Ocean, which was a Lab course that took us on field trips to the beach and ocean every week.

5. What clubs or groups are you involved in?

Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity, Marketing Club

6. In one sentence, what do you love about your school?

I got a fantastic education while living at the beach, what else is there to know?

Author Henry Powell is a recent graduate of USD.


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