Washington University in Saint Louis

Washington University in Saint Louis

Name: Zachary Buckner
College: Washington University in Saint Louis
Major:  Biomedical Engineering

1. What first drew you to Washington University in Saint Louis?

Well, first is its reputation as a fantastic school. The name was in my mind from the start. Next was the campus, the unbelievable campus, full of old stone buildings and proximity to the beautiful Forest Park. Finally, it was the only school nearby where I could attain an engineering degree and play football at the collegiate level.

2. What other colleges were you considering?

I looked at several other schools in the Midwest area such as Drake, Truman State, and Grinnell. But none could offer the engineering/football combo without doing a 3-2 program (3 years at the school and 2 more at Wash U)

3. How was the adjustment from high school to college?

TOUGH. Wash U does not kid around. If you want to attend the place, or any school in the top 50 really, you need to buckle down hard. I floated through high school with a bit less effort than I could have exerted. Wash U pushed me to my limits.

4. What was your favorite class? Why?

It’s between Fiction Writing and Quantitative Physiology. Fiction Writing because, well, it was a vacation from hardcore engineering classes. Quantitative Physiology because it was the MOST hardcore engineering class. And we took out a frog’s heart and made that sucker beat on its own. Pretty rad.

5. What clubs or groups were you involved in?

I was involved in football, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, the Intrafraternity Council, and MORE (Men Organized for Rape Education).

6. Anything else you want to tell us?

Don’t go unless there unless you are serious about school and serious about your major. If you can check those two boxes, you will be amazed by the opportunities that that place will put in front of you.

7. In one sentence, what do you love about your school?

It is filled with the most insane, intelligent, wonderful, strange people you could imagine and I can’t imagine not having met all the friends that I did.

Zach Buckner is a former Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.

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