Specific High School Content

Most students, at one point or another in their high school career, find themselves struggling with a particular course. Get Smarter Prep can provide students with a guided study plan and material review that will help alleviate the stress from that particular class. Our tutors are experts in the areas in which they teach: whether a student needs help with math (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus), the sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), history, or literature (American, British, essay/paper editing), GSP tutors will help illuminate the subject, with the end goal of improving the student’s grade.

High School Content

We offer Content Specific Tutorials for any high school student. Tutorials can be scheduled throughout the year – but we typically prefer to build out a semester long schedule to ensure student success.  Tutorials are billed by the hour at the rate of $80/hr.

To schedule a tutorial, please call the office at (913) 322-3400 OR email us at enrollment@getsmarterprep.com.