One-on-One College Counseling

Your high school counselors are busy and don’t have time to focus 1-on-1 with your child. We do.

The team at Get Smarter Prep wants to help you effectively manage the entire Application Process – from start to finish! We can begin working with students as early as Sophomore year, but we’re also equally up for the challenge to begin just before Senior year – if that’s your situation!

The GSP team will help in each of the following ways:

  • Initial consultation to get everyone on the same page. Even if we could, we don’t want to do it alone; we know parents and students can provide unique insights, so let’s establish a great partnership from the beginning.
  • We’ll provide time-lines for the student to follow, with regular check-ins built in to ensure the student is making progress.
  • It’s difficult to know what schools to target without doing your due diligence, so we’ll incorporate some important pieces before we build that college list.
    • Career/Major Assessment(s) – We want to make sure you’re heading in a direction that makes sense for your situation. We have some amazing tools at our disposal to help with finding a major that’s right for the student. 
    • We’ll make customized ACT/SAT recommendations to ensure the college list is right for the student.
  • When the time comes, we’ll partner with the student and family (and in some cases high school counselors) to build a college list that’s right for the student.
  • Our College Essay Writing Experts will help you craft your best essays for your college set. This isn’t your momma’s essay – we will go above and beyond to ensure the student doesn’t write an essay that prevents them from becoming accepted to their schools of choice.
  • As soon as application season hits – we’ll be prepared to help your student submit their applications to the schools on their list. We’ll help ensure the “t”s are crossed and the “i”s are dotted! We’ll also help manage the deadlines that will could be different at each school.