Student Resources

At Get Smarter Prep, we are a community of students and tutors who rely on each other to succeed. We want our students to find our website interactive and helpful even when they aren’t physically in the classroom, but still need advice and support. We’ve created ACT review videos, a test prep forum, and a content-based forum as resources for students to engage with and to find help whenever it’s convenient for them.

Standard Course

ACT Review Videos

Take advantage of the new ACT Video Series reviewing the various strategies you’ve learned in class and with your tutor. Need help with remembering the punctuation table? Check out the corresponding video! If you see a topic you haven’t learned yet, you should skip it and continue with the topics that you’ve already learned. These are not meant to be comprehensive reviews – just refreshers. Enjoy!

Semi-Private Tutoring

Test Prep Forum

Do you have a question that you’d like answered, but your next class isn’t until next week? Want to learn with other students that are learning the same strategies you’re digging into? Here’s your opportunity to work collaboratively with others and make the process your own. Tutors will pipe up every once in a while, but this is for GSP students specifically. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Advanced Course

Content-based Forum

Are you struggling to keep up with the reformatted class structure this year? Is there a concept that you just don’t quite understand? Feel free to use this structured content focused forum to pose a question and have it answered either by a tutor or by a capable peer. We want to see you succeed, so use this free resource as much as you can! Happy learning!

ACT Video Tutorials

  • 30+ Review Videos
  • Snack-able Content (each video is only 2-5 minutes)
  • Prepare on the go – watch them anywhere

Test Prep Online Forum

  • Ask questions between sessions/classes
  • Search for topics/answers to questions you have
  • Build the Get Smarter Prep community

Content-based Online Forum

  • Get help with questions you have from your homework
  • Help other students master their topics
  • Engage with various tutors with a breadth of expertise