Flex Tutoring provides structured times in which highly motivated students can take advantage of more time with a tutor. Flex hours can provide a student with an expert resource on days when they aren’t meeting with their designated tutor. Below are some of the most common ways in which students leverage these unique opportunities:

  • Students are able to ask additional questions from an expert tutor. Sometimes the tutor hosting the session will have an alternate way of approaching the content that will better fit the student’s perspective.
  • Students who are struggling with a particular topic or section of the ACT can get the extra help they need to maximize their score. On average, a student has a six point gap between their high and low sections on the test – and Flex hours can help students better master the strategies associated with their lower sections.
  • Some students use the Flex Tutoring to structure their homework, getting immediate feedback from the tutor which will reduce bad habits and reinforce good ones.
  • Most students have timing issues on the ACT. During Flex Tutoring, students can complete timed drills that fit what they hope to achieve on their official exam and receive feedback and guidance before and after the drill.
  • Some students simply want to continue practicing the strategies that they’ve learned from their regular tutor. Students can receive additional practice material when they attend Flex hours, allowing them to apply the key concept of “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Flex Tutorials will be capped at four students per session, so there’s a limited availability for these hours.

Flex Tutoring is hosted at our Leawood Office on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30pm.

These hours are designated for currently enrolled students or those who have completed a course or a minimum of 12 hours of tutoring.

Flex Tutorials can be purchased as one of three packages, as outlined below. 

Quantity 4x (6 hours) = $250

Quantity 6x (9 hours) = $350

Quantity 8x (12 hours) = $450

For more information, please call the office (913) 322-3400 or contact your student’s tutor.

Flex Tutorials are flexible, super helpful, and a great time to ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. My ACT score went up 5 points in 6 weeks of training when I utilized Flex Tutorials and my private tutoring.

Get Smarter Prep tutoring and flex tutorials really helped me improve my score. Every technique that I learned increased my accuracy and speed and were extremely helpful once I got the hang of them. I would recommend going to flex tutorials for anyone who wants to achieve their score.

I really liked Flex Tutorials.  A new voice is always helpful to better understand the material.

I find it very helpful to just do a problem and then ask questions right away.