Fun Facts about Gina Claypool

Fun Facts About Gina Claypool

1. I have an adorable daughter named Jemma.  She’s the cutest baby in the world. I’m not biased: she really is the cutest baby in the world.  As far as I know, she already knows how to ace the ACT and SAT, too, because I told her to listen while I was still pregnant.  Since she can’t tell me otherwise, I assume her baby babble is all grammatically correct.

2. While I do love chocolate, if given a choice between a chocolate and a fruity dessert, I will usually choose the fruity one.  No question if it’s lemon.  Yes, I’m the weird kid who likes the lemon Starbursts.  Chocolate might earn you brownie points with me (har har — get it? Brownie? Like chocolate?), but fresh fruit or lemon desserts are even better.

3. I love puns! The stupider the better! For example, after I explained the volume of any right prism is equal to the area of the base times the height, a student asked me “even juvenile prisms?” I laughed.  As a child, I used to make up my own jokes, and they rarely made sense, so I have a soft spot for dumb jokes.  Don’t be surprised if I crack myself up in class.  You aren’t obligated to laugh.  Really.

4. I used to be a camp counselor at Camp Chief Ouray.  I love hiking and camping (and doing arts and crafts like tie-dye and shrinky-dinks).  As a camp counselor (and as a new mom), you get exposed to some gross stuff.  I’m not sure which direction the cause and effect goes, but I find poop humor hilarious.  Especially poop puns.

5. I love to watch sports! I’m a big fan of college basketball (go Jayhawks!), but I enjoy watching football (college or pro) and baseball, too.  As a kid, I played basketball, soccer, and softball, but I never played volleyball or field hockey.

6. I don’t have a favorite color.  I really like red, and I really like green, but I don’t really like red and green together unless it’s Christmas-time. 

7. I like to sing, and when I can, I like to participate in community theatre.  The Kansas City metro has a great theatre community, and there is always a great show to see.  Go support the companies at Theatre in the Park (Guys and Dolls is this weekend), The Barn Players, and The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Center (Spamalot in July!).

8. My first job out of college was as a Project Engineer for RTS Water Solutions.  I got to travel the country to do water audits.  In other words, I got to count a lot of toilets and sinks.  I used to do a quick audit of ever public restroom I used out of habit.  If you ever have a question about sink flow, toilet valves, or waterless urinals, I’m the gal to ask.

9. I am blessed to have a father who passed on his love of math, logic, and numbers.  Nearly every day (except on the day I did), my dad would ask if I had learned binary at school.  When I turned nine, my dad made a birthday banner that read “It’s your birthday, oh what fun! Today you’re the square root of 81!”  It’s no wonder that I love to teach math so much!

10. I’m equally blessed to have a mother who instilled in me a love of reading and words.  My mom not only proofread my papers for school, but she explained to me why I should make the changes she suggested.  I credit her for my good grammar and spelling.  My mom would also read aloud to my sisters and me long after we needed her to (and she’d do all the voices – the best!).  To this day, I read nearly every day.  Much to her chagrin, I do not enjoy her favorite author.  If you’re into accurate historical fiction, though, check out Dorothy Dunnett!

Now you know a little more (than you ever wanted to know) about me.

Gina Claypool is a Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.