Web-Based Tutoring

Get Smarter Prep has always been committed to helping students achieve their best scores. And while we’ve historically served all of our students and their families at one of our physical locations, we now have the capacity to help select students – based upon their circumstances – prepare for their exam through a web-based approach.

Get Smarter Prep has worked with students while at boarding school, away at college, or those that live too far away from our locations to make the drive on a consistent basis. So no matter if you’re in New Hampshire, Joplin, MO, or halfway around the globe – Get Smarter Prep is prepared to help you get the score you need, for the school you want.

We use a tool called WebEx (by Cisco) for our online instruction. The interface allows the tutor to effectively use a virtual whiteboard tool, plan the schedule ahead of time, and allows for a more consistent virtual experience. For the student, they can easily join the tutoring sessions through a link the tutor will provide.