Virtual Learning Made Easy

Online Academic Mentorship –

The learning process has shifted considerably over the couple years, and many students are feeling completely overwhelmed. We want to help students identify their learning style and apply that information to all of the areas they will need for high school and beyond: role taking, general test preparation, homework planning, etc.  Students will also spend time building their reading comprehension, and of course learning strategies and techniques for TIME MANAGEMENT.

Online Private Tutoring –

Private Tutoring is the best option for students who want the most custom approach when it comes to the ACT. This One-on-One Tutoring is a perfect fit for students who are looking for the highest increase in the ACT score, students who have a significant gap (6+ points) between their sub-scores, or students who have a busy schedule and have a hard time fitting into a course schedule. Students will have three ACT Practice Tests and can expect to see a 4-6 point increase in their overall composite score.

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