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Get Smarter Prep is excited to partner with other organizations in Kansas City & across the US, in order to better serve students in our region!
Team Cura

Team Cura

Team Cura℠ is a digital education provider specializing in personal brand development for high school athletes that show potential to play at the next level.

They work with ambitious young men and women who hope to improve their position on the current team or club – and maybe score a college athletic scholarship. But it takes more than raw talent to achieve these dreams. Character is often what coaches look for that gets athletes signed.

Their Skills Beyond Drills℠ training program gives your athlete the life skills for success on and off the field.  If you are ready to develop your personal brand and gain the competitive advantage or simply want to learn more visit Team Cura℠.


The Blue Valley Educational Foundation empowers teachers to go beyond traditional classroom limits to enable their students to innovate, lead, and, most importantly, learn for their futures. Their mission is simple: enrich educational excellence. They accomplish this through the generosity of community partners that support their outreach, financial development, and ongoing funding of extraordinary educational programs.

To learn more about the Blue Valley Educational Foundation, donate to the organization or volunteer your time, please visit their website.

True Self Counseling

True Self Counseling

Many students encounter a level of test anxiety. However, if anxiety is impeding your performance on exams, don’t be afraid to talk about it and ask for help.

Molly Pierce, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C. & A.C.S.) is a mental health provider focused on helping each person she encounters achieve the best version of themselves. She approaches therapy in a person-focused manner – understanding that you are the person best positioned to see the changes in your own life.

To make an appointment with Molly, visit her website at True Self Counseling.