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Get Smarter Prep has worked with thousands of students, but not all of those students are local. Our tutors are equipped to help students virtually as well as in person. If you aren't from the area, we offer Online Private Tutoring to help you get the score you need for the school you want.


Online Academic Mentorship

The learning process has shifted over the last couple years, and students are feeling overwhelmed. We want to help students identify their learning style and apply that information to areas like: role taking, general test prep, homework planning, etc.  

Online Private Tutoring

The most custom approach when it comes to the ACT. This 1-1 Tutoring is a perfect fit for students who are looking for the highest increase in the ACT score, students who have a gap (6+ points) between their sub-scores, or students who have a busy schedule.

Academic Mentorship

Students will spend time building their reading comprehension, and of course learning strategies and techniques for TIME MANAGEMENT.

Private Tutoring Expectations

Students will have three ACT Practice Tests and can expect to see a 4-6 point increase in their overall composite score.



Our Latest Courses


ACT/SAT Practice Test

Sign up for a FREE Practice Test and establish a baseline score. We offer practice tests every Saturday morning. Find out how you would score on a full-length, proctored ACT or SAT.


ACT/SAT Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring provides each student with a customized plan that will allow them to approach the ACT or the SAT in the best way possible for their specific needs.


ACT Prep Course

This course is designed for students who enjoy a small classroom setting (between 3-6 students) and feel comfortable learning with a other students scoring in a similar ACT range, specifically between a 18-25 composite score.

Why Choose Get Smarter Prep

Get Smarter Prep is dedicated to helping families effectively navigate the process, engaging with them through each stage. Whether it’s deciding to prepare for the PSAT or not, determining great options for Majors, completing your best college essays, preparing for the ACT or SAT, or even mastering the skills needed for Graduate exams, we’re here to help every step of the way and show you where to begin.

Reduce Stress Levels

We give students the ability to reduce their stress levels by preparing them for what’s ahead.

Gain Confidence

Students gain confidence in their own ability to navigate tests, which translates into driven and successful students.

Increase Scores

Get the score you need for the school you want.

Navigate the College Prep Process

Effectively navigate the process by engaging with families through each stage.


Our Upcoming Events

July 13, 20242 hours each week for 8-10 weeks

July 13th ACT

June 8, 20242 hours each week for 8-10 weeks

June 8th ACT

Every Saturday9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Expert Tutors

Why People Choose Our Education

We offer expert tutors who are knowledgeable in every facet of the exam. Our customized, personal approach is beneficial for each student.
Three Levels of Expert Tutors

What makes our Tutors different from other companies?

Premier-Level Tutors have been with our company for 10+ year and have a proven track record for helping students increase their ACT Score.
Master-Level Tutors have taught at GSP for 2.5 – 5+ years and are knowledgeable in every facet of the exam.
Standard-Level Tutors have been with GSP for 6 months – 2 years and have a strong grasp on ACT/SAT concepts to help students improve their scores.

Flex Tutoring provides structured times in which highly motivated students can take advantage of more time with a tutor. Flex hours can provide a student with an expert resource on days when they aren’t meeting with their designated tutor. 

Flex Tutorials

Flex Tutorials can be purchased as one of three packages, as outlined below.

Quantity 4x (6 hours) = $350

Quantity 6x (9 hours) = $450

Quantity 8x (12 hours) = $550

Ask additional questions from an expert tutor. Sometimes the tutor hosting the session will have an alternate way of approaching the content that will better fit the student’s perspective.
Students who are struggling with a particular topic or section of the ACT can get the extra help they need to maximize their score.
Most students have timing issues on the ACT. During Flex Tutoring, students can complete timed drills that fit what they hope to achieve on their official exam and receive feedback and guidance before and after the drill.

This content is password protected. To view it please contact your tutor or Get Smarter Prep Staff.

Video Tutorials
ACT Basic Concepts
Strategies to Increase Your Score
Universal Concepts

At Get Smarter Prep, we understand some students may have testing accommodations to be used on the ACT. Our tutors are happy to allow those accommodations with proof of official ACT accommodations, IEP documentation or 504 plan. 

ACT Test Accomodations

We will honor those accommodations on the ACT Practice Test, Midterm, and Final as well as how our tutors instruct their students with official documentation.

We want what’s best for our students, which is why ask for documentation (official email from ACT) prior to testing or tutoring.
If you don’t have an official email from ACT yet, we will make exceptions for current accommodations in high school such as an IEP or 504 plan.
Please see the ACT Policy for Requesting Accommodations at as well as the ACT Accommodations Eligibility Requirements.

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