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First Things First

If you haven’t taken an Official exam, the best place to begin the test prep process is with a Free Practice Test. We encourage all students to establish a baseline for the ACT so that we can make the best possible recommendation for each unique situation.


Preparing for the ACT

Since the ACT is a psychometric exam, our approach to it is as unique as the test. While knowledge of the content is essential, students must also learn strategies specific to the exam in order to maximize their score. Students will learn new ways to think about the exam that will help them maximize their score, reduce their stress levels, and become more confident in their abilities. We help empower our students to achieve their best scores possible!

Preparing for the SAT

We’re excited to announce that as of the Fall of 2021, we will once again be offering Private & Semi-Private Tutoring for the SAT. The SAT has undergone a number of changes over the last several years and many students have encountered other challenges with their College Board process. Because of these items and many more, Get Smarter Prep has been reassessing our recommendations in order to continue to provide the premier prep services families have come to expect.

Additional Services

Graduate Exams

We have several prep options available for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. We provide all of our students with expert knowledge, as well as a customized approach.

College Counseling

Get Smarter Prep wants to help you effectively manage the entire Application Process – from start to finish! We can begin working with students as early as Sophomore year, but we’re also equally up for the challenge to begin just before Senior year!

High Schools & Universities

We bring a unique perspective to secondary and post-secondary institutions when it comes to the enrollment process in general, and testing in particular. Find out how we can help your school & student population.

Jensen’s scores jumped from 26 to 30. He just received notification of a $25k annual scholarship award from one of his potential universities (University of Arizona) due to his ACT score. Although your prep course is not cheap, it is DEFINITELY worth the investment!!

My score raised three points in less than 10 hours at Get Smarter Prep!

Thank you for all the time you dedicated to helping me with the ACT! I’m excited to say that I was offered admissions to the UMKC School of Medicine’s 6-year Med Program! I could not have done it without you!!

You have been instrumental in Elizabeth’s college-entrance test prep and without your support she wouldn’t be where she is now…with a Stanford University Class of 2020 acceptance! Please accept our sincere thanks for your expertise and talents.

I just wanted to let you know I got accepted early at Washington University in St. Louis and will be attending there in the Fall!  Thank you so much for all the help with the ACT!

After a month of tutoring, Get Smarter Prep was able to raise my science score by 8 points and my overall score to a 34! Everyone I encountered was incredibly friendly and helpful, and my tutor taught to my specific strengths and weaknesses. With Get Smarter Prep’s help, I was accepted to the Stanford University class of 2021! I can’t thank them enough for all the help they’ve given me.

I want to share that the prep work you did with our daughter Margo was so worthwhile and valuable. She was able to achieve a 35 (one point short of perfect) even though her first practice tests were much lower. Thanks to the joint efforts of you and Margo, she has been admitted and will study pre-med at Johns Hopkins University — her desired preeminent University.

Our experience with the entire Get Smarter Prep staff was extremely positive and beneficial. After taking the ACT prep class, my daughter was able to significantly raise her scores in the sections that she felt were not her strengths. We felt like this opened her up to some opportunities that might not have otherwise been possible. She also felt more confident and calm when taking the test, which really enabled her to do her best. We will definitely use Get Smarter Prep with our son!

Office Hours are flexible, super helpful, and a great time to ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. My ACT score went up 5 points in 6 weeks of training when I utilized Office Hours alongside my private tutoring.

The Tutors do a great job of explaining different strategies and provide all the necessary practice tests to ensure success on the ACT.

I was overjoyed when I saw my scores, especially when I put them side by side with my old ones. At the beginning of the year, I never thought I would have been able to get an ACT score even near a 30, but through tons of practice at Get Smarter Prep I ended up surprising myself. I’m very grateful to have had such a wonderful tutor who helped me to improve so much over the past year!

We are just so excited for Annabelle and proud of the effort she put towards this training by Get Smarter Prep!  Caleb told her there were strategies to beat this test and she wanted to see if it was true. And man did she do it!

Get Smarter Prep has opened an even greater future for her as she explores what’s next!  You have changed her story for the good!

Get Smarter Prep helped improve my daughter’s confidence and her composite score significantly. They were a huge help in making her feel prepared for the ACT.

Sam hit his goal. He scored a 31!

Shea is a bright and talented instructor who went beyond the call of duty by helping me 1:1 when I missed a class due to illness.  I improved my scores across the board and some of those substantially.  I’d highly recommend Get Smarter Prep to anyone trying to improve their ACT scores.

You all really helped me do well on the ACT. The strategies you taught contributed highly to my success this year. Thank you so much!

Very professional service and worked well to accommodate our schedule. The tutor who worked with my son was able to motivate him and was very knowledgeable on test taking strategies. He never complained about the process!  He raised his ACT score 4 points with your help !! Thank you!!

We are thoroughly impressed with the entire process from the beginning to the actual test! Ashley and Claire were always prompt with their responses and wonderful to work with! Our daughter felt supported and prepared for her test. Her highest score was in an area she was the weakest in! We highly recommend using Get Smarter Prep to anyone preparing for the ACT/SAT! It’s worth every penny! Thank you!

Awesome customer service and test prep.

To say that we were pleased with Hannah’s score is putting it very mildly.  We were very, very happy!  The tutoring and her work absolutely paid off.  And she was thrilled!

We’ve sent two kids through Get Smarter Prep, both of them improved 4 points or more with a 30 and 31.  Well worth the investment!

Get Smarter Prep helped me increase my ACT score by 6 points. Those 6 points were essential to help me get more scholarships which eventually led to a full ride. Without the time and dedication from this organization I wouldn’t have made my dreams come true.

Thank you for your help! Get Smarter Prep helped me get over the hump to a perfect score of 36. You guys were great!

The testing strategies were helpful as was the review of the various subjects.  The tutors were very interactive and checked in on my twins.

Isaac raised his score 6 points and hit his goal, first time testing!  Thanks!

Get Smarter Prep was a wonderful and beneficial experience. Claire, my tutor, was always helpful and fun. I could not have asked for a better tutor, or a better sense of preparedness for the ACT.

Tutoring with Get Smarter Prep really helped me understand the details about the GRE that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise. Caleb was extremely helpful throughout my tutoring experience and I would definitely recommend GSP to anyone looking to improve their score on any standardized test!

Your program/tutoring helped my son jump 3-7 points in certain sections!!! Really fantastic and such a great confidence booster for him! Also, such a testament to the program. This makes it possible, coupled with his awesome grades, to look at the schools he was interested in. We will share your name with others and really appreciate your guidance.

I wanted to thank you so much for all the help with ACT tutoring. You allowed me to improve and grow so much and I’m forever grateful for what I learned. I just got my score back and got a 35!!!!! Thank you so much!

We are so thrilled that our son did so well.  We were  hoping for a 25 so a 27 is amazing, especially during these trying times! You all are the best!

We had a very unique situation with GSP in that my daughter was involved in ACT tutoring before and during the pandemic. She had started with tutoring then the pandemic hit. Her ACT test was also cancelled 3 times. After months of starting and stopping she finally was able to take the ACT and did great! She met her goal that she was hoping to meet which helped her get a scholarship to the school she was hoping to get into. We are very pleased with Caleb and Get Smarter Prep and the way that they kept her engaged and focused on her goal despite the all of the craziness and cancellations.

Our experience with Get Smarter Prep was exceptional on every front! Our daughter was so pleased with her tutoring experience with Caleb and is thrilled with her ACT results after taking the December exam. GSP’s custom, personal approach allowed her to be well-prepared for her first ACT exam while still fully engaging with her junior year interests and schoolwork. In addition to efficient, first-class test preparation, we are so grateful for the generous support they have provided to our student (and to us as parents) as we navigate the college process for the first time. Thank you!!

Our daughter Meha got 35 on her first try. She had 29 on pre-test with Caleb, worked with him for barely six weeks. She just started her junior year and we were certain we would be re-testing with more tutoring. Caleb’s ability to work with kids is simply amazing!

Thank you for working with both of my children to help them prepare for their ACTs.  I know they would not have scored as well without your advice….and it was less stressful for us parents!

My daughter set a goal for her ACT and after being tutored by Get Smarter Prep she was one point away from her stretch goal!!!! She also learned general test taking tips which will be useful for years to come! I highly recommend GSP and especially Rachel and Caleb!