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ACT Private Tutoring

One-On-One Private Tutoring provides each student with a customized plan that will allow them to approach the ACT in the best way possible for their specific needs while increasing their ACT score.


ACT Prep Course

This course is for students who enjoy a small classroom setting (3-6 students) and feel comfortable learning with other students scoring in a similar ACT range, between a 18-25 composite score.


ACT Practice Test

Sign up for a FREE Practice Test and establish a baseline score. We offer practice tests every Saturday morning. Find out how you would score on a full-length, proctored ACT.


Other Services

College Counseling

Get Smarter Prep wants to help you effectively manage the entire Application Process – from start to finish! We can begin working with students as early as Sophomore year, but we’re also equally up for the challenge to begin just before Senior year!

Graduate Exams

We have several prep options available for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. We provide all of our students with expert knowledge, as well as a customized approach.

High Schools & Universities

We bring a unique perspective to secondary and post-secondary institutions when it comes to the enrollment process in general, and testing in particular. Find out how we can help your school & student population.


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We help families navigate some of the areas surrounding the college prep process by providing college and ACT related advice for students and their families. Listen to find out how students can score better on college placement tests, with techniques and methods that build confidence, beat test anxiety, and identify strengths within each student.

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How many times should a student take the ACT?

It’s different for every student, but college experts Caleb Pierce and Jill Purcell weigh in on the topic.


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For over 16 years, we've been investing in each student and their family by helping them navigate the college prep process. Our teachers are passionate about learning, knowledgeable in every facet of the exam, and experienced in helping students reach their goals.