Get Smarter Prep is always looking for great Tutors – Open: Ongoing (next training will begin in Winter 2019/2020)

We tutor students for the ACT, SAT, graduate exams, and other standardized tests. Additionally, we work with students on Study Skills and College Counseling. We offer both classroom and private, one-on-one, instruction depending upon the student’s needs. For every class you take on, you’ll be working 2 hrs/wk teaching. This means that your schedule varies depending on the volume of clients we have and on your availability. Some of our teachers have eight hours of availability a week and some have 30 – it will depend on your schedule!

The interview process starts with an audition and interview. For the audition we ask that you prepare a 5 minute lesson on any topic in which you think you’re an expert. Candidates have taught us everything from how to multiply numbers in a less than conventional way to what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild to how to identify a true Wisconsin Cheese Head. Be sure to be yourself , as well as to demonstrate communication skills that can be extrapolated to a teaching environment! Next, the real fun begins. Training will always begin with the ACT, which lasts 3-4 weeks and consists of a maximum of 10 hours per week. It’s a great time to learn our strategies, practice your teaching, and meet our other tutors!

There will be future opportunities to train to teach for the other exams and our other services. Have you tutored ACT or SAT in the past and want to start up again? Or are you moving from another city? We love hiring experienced tutors as well! Please fill out the form to the right to get the process rolling!

Tentative Teacher Training Schedule