Get Smarter Prep ACT Tutor – Open: Hiring Immediately

We tutor students for the ACT, SAT, graduate exams, and other standardized tests. Additionally, we work with students on Study Skills and College Counseling. We offer both classroom and private, one-on-one instruction depending upon the student’s needs.

Below is the basic application process:

  1. Send your Resume/CV to
  2. Phone Interview to discuss the position
  3. Complete a full-length ACT
  4. Schedule an Interview & Audition

Have you tutored for the ACT or SAT in the past and want to start up again? Or are you moving from another city? We love hiring experienced tutors as well!

TENTATIVE Training Schedule:

ACT/SAT Proctor – Open: Hiring Immediately

Test Proctors administer and monitor, multiple-choice ACT and SAT exams that allow our team to design, implement, and monitor individualized plans for our students.

•Must enjoy working with high school students and their families
•Exceptional attention to detail
•Excellent organizational skills
•Dependable and punctual

Responsibilities Include:

•Greet students and help them find their seat, make sure they fill out material
•Manage timers for test and breaks, sometimes for multiple exams in multiple rooms
•Give a 5 minute warning for each section
•Don’t leave during testing
•Must collect materials at the end of the exam
•Free to read or do other work quietly during testing

Proctors must be available to work Saturdays from 8:30am – 12:30pm (extended time availability a plus – 8:30am – 2:30pm one or two Saturdays/mo.) Pay is $15/hour.

Scheduling Coordinator – Closed:

We’re looking for candidates who have a passion for higher education, love working with all types of people, and has outstanding interpersonal skills. If you think you could make a great candidate – feel free to email us at to learn more & to review the Job Description.