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Small Group Courses provide students with an opportunity to learn how to approach the ACT in the best way possible for what the ACT is actually testing. Small group classes can help foster a collaborative environment that encourages each student to participate & learn from one another.

Our ACT Course options provide a structured prep experience that allow students to enroll in a course that best fits their needs, goals, and unique schedule. We offer three distinct course options – so there’s a good option for nearly all students. Sessions are generally two hours in duration, and classes are scheduled for just one or two sessions each week leading up to their test date.

ACT Course Options

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Our tutors are here to guide students to get the score they need for the school they want based upon what the student needs. Not to mention the opportunity to get more scholarship money or help ensure their college experience is as beneficial as possible by allowing them to take the courses they want, rather than being required to take courses that mirror the high school experience.

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