College Handcrafted Overview

Through the College Handcrafted process, we strive to provide students and their families with the resources necessary to make informed decisions that are fit-focused for the student. Whether you just want help getting the process moving in the right direction with our Individual Consult or work with our team throughout the entire, intentional College Handcrafted process, we’ll help make the process more seamless.

Individual Consultation

What better way to start the college search process than with a one-on-one meeting?! We’ll leverage this 30-minute consult to better understand the student’s goals and needs, provide insights to college admissions, and get you started down the best path.

We can host this session for any high school aged student, customizing the experience for where they are in the college prep process. The cost for this one-on-one session is $50.

Career & Major Assessment

This robust assessment not only takes into account the student’s interests and behavioral traits, it also takes into account the student’s verbal and numerical abilities to help ensure the best match possible.

The result is a detailed report that is both clear and comprehensive. It also correlates directly with data from the Department of Labor so that there can be a much deeper dive into the various careers! Cost is $395.

Building Your College List

Finding the right college for you can take both finesse and endurance! Let our college counselors help winnow the list of the 3000 US colleges down to a handful, artfully chosen list just for you! Fit-Focused. Informed. Creative. Unbiased.

$150/hr (most students will need 3-8 hours – depending on their desired list)

Successfully Apply to College

Allow our professionals to help you make sure each portion of your applications is complete & ready to submit to your college list. No need to worry that you aren’t putting your best foot forward any longer! Start the process today!

$150/hr (most students will need 2-8 hours – depending on their school set)


College Handcrafted Essay Options

College Admission Essays are so different than ``school essays.`` We'd be happy to help you craft stories that help set you apart from the crowd and increase your chances for acceptance.

Learn How to Tell Your Story

A great college application essay tells a story: Why you are the perfect fit for the college that’s right for you. We’ll partner with you to develop ideas for your essays and provide guidance on how best to craft your best essay(s). Initially, we’ll host live sessions (in-person or virtually) to provide clear guidance and set goals and complete the project asynchronously through reviews & suggestions.

We offer one-on-one assistance OR small group help (if you have a friend or two you want to work alongside).

$150/hr (most students will need 4 hours for a first essay, around 8 hours for three essays, and 12 hours for five essays)


Our Upcoming Courses


ACT Practice Test

Sign up for a FREE Practice Test and establish a baseline score. We offer practice tests every Saturday morning. Find out how you would score on a full-length, proctored ACT.


ACT Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring provides each student with a customized plan that will allow them to approach the ACT in the best way possible for their specific needs.


ACT Prep Course

This course is designed for students who enjoy a small classroom setting (between 3-6 students) and feel comfortable learning with other students scoring in a similar ACT range, specifically between a 18-25 composite score.


Take a Free Practice Test

Establish a baseline score and see how you would do on an actual ACT/SAT.

ACT Private Tutoring Packages
Every Saturday9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Free ACT Practice Test

SAT Semi-Private Tutoring
Saturday morning9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Free SAT Practice Test


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