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ACT or SAT Prep at your School

  • Semester-Long Courses for Dec & April/May Tests
  • Customized Approach
  • Arranged by Scores
  • Proven Curriculum
  • Teacher Training OR Expert Prep

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Teacher Development

  • Faculty-wide Seminars
  • Specialized Program Instruction
  • College Counseling Consultation

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Parent/Family Presentations

  • Host an informational session at your school
  • Help families better understand the admission and testing processes
  • Flexible Scheduling

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College Counseling Consultation

  • Utilize the expertise of the Get Smarter Prep Staff
  • Help build customized college lists for students
  • Utilize Get Smarter Prep’s Career Assessment Tools
  • Help students better manage the application process

Caleb is truly an expert on the ACT and college prep and is engaging as a speaker.  My junior AVID students were captivated by his test preparation strategies and wished he could be there everyday to provide guidance as they prepare for the ACT and get ready to apply to colleges.

My students loved hearing the information about the ACT, especially some of the intricacies in each section.  They were highly engaged and asked if Caleb could come back again to finish talking about the rest of the test!  Get Smarter Prep does a great job of getting kids to understand not only what to expect for content, but also how to mentally and emotionally prepare.

Caleb, from Get Smarter Prep, was able to provide our staff with the relevant information about the ACT that we can easily relay to students. With this information, students are given simple, fast strategies to better understand and answer questions from all 4 ACT sections.

Having a guest speaker from Get Smarter Prep come and talk to my junior AVID students gave them a ton of confidence to tackle the ACT.  They were highly engaged because the information was so useful to them, and because our speaker made connections with them and spoke to them on their level.  My students now feel more motivated to apply for colleges and prepare for the ACT, and I’m excited to see how my students can take what they learned and use it to improve their ACT scores.