ACT Fundamentals Course

Total Cost: $895 (includes curriculum & resources)
16-hr Online Course
8-week course, meeting once per week for 2 hours each session
90-180 minutes of homework per session
No make-ups; Recording available for one week after the session
Students typically improve 2-3 points
Students are encouraged to establish a baseline score prior to enrolling – but it is not required.
Students scoring below a 16 and above a 27 should strongly consider private tutoring
Students are required to purchase The Official ACT Prep Guide (other materials will be supplied)
The Fundamentals Course will be hosted on the Live Stream Prep site (a code to access the course will be provided a few days prior to the start of the course)
Class Schedule(s)

July 13th ACT Fundamentals Course Schedule – Registration Closes on 5/28/24


Our tutors want to be a resource for you, sharing their expertise and knowledge in a way that helps you better understand the material and achieve your goals! GSP tutors have a combined 100 years of experience working with students, and we’re excited to get to help you at this time.

The ACT Fundamentals Course is hosted on our online platform through Live Stream Prep. When you click to register below, you’ll be taken to our sister site where you can seamlessly complete the registration process.



Unlike our other course offerings and private tutoring, we don’t require that a student take a practice test to establish a baseline, but we do strongly encourage that each student take the time to understand how they’re doing before beginning the course. GSP offers free practice testing every Saturday morning at our Leawood location.  In addition, we do not recommend that students with gaps in their sub-scores of 8+ points enroll in a course option. If a student has more than an 8 point gap between sub-scores, we recommend Private Tutoring in order to create a customized approach to the ACT.

Fundamentals Course Details

This 16-hr Online Course is designed for students who prefer a course from the comfort of their own home. The curriculum is geared toward students currently scoring in the 16-27 range, but any student is permitted to enroll. Students will be provided the structure of a set curriculum with the Fundamentals Course, with ample homework to help each student master the topics & strategies taught during the sessions. The course is ideal for students who would like to increase their overall ACT composite score by 2-3 points.

Preparing for the ACT

Since the ACT is a psychometric exam (meaning it was created by psychologists), our approach to it is as unique as the test itself. While knowledge of the content is essential, students must also learn strategies specific to the exam in order to maximize their score. Students will learn new ways to think about the exam and will help them maximize their score & become more confident in their abilities.


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Listen to find out how students can score better on college placement tests, with techniques and methods that build confidence, beat test anxiety, and identify strengths within each student.


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