Studying in the Library

Enrollment Consulting

  • Testing Related Topics and Services
    • How to improve your incoming class’s average scores
    • How to effectively communicate score requirements
  • Financial Aid Assessment
    • Maximize revenue and shape your incoming class
  • Organizational Assessment & Development

Students in the Quad

ACT or SAT Prep on your Campus

  • 16-20 hr Courses
  • Small Groups – 4-8 Students
  • Arranged by Scores
  • 2-3 Full-Length Practice Tests

Graduate Test Prep

Graduate Test Prep on your Campus

  • 6-12 hour courses available for the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT
  • Provide expert knowledge as a resource
  • Co-branding opportunities to provide discounted rate
  • Full-Length Practice Tests

Engaged in ClassInstitutional Test-Related Training

  • Enrollment related training
  • Key Faculty training
  • Big Picture training for Administration & Board of Trustees
  • Become outcome oriented