Study SkillsAcademic Mentorship Tutorials will help a student identify their learning style and apply that information to all of the areas they will need for high school and beyond: role taking, general test preparation, homework planning, etc.  Students can also spend time building their reading comprehension, developing writing skills, and, of course, learning strategies and techniques for time management – perhaps the biggest obstacle in achieving student success. We will help your student learn to perform better in school, all while having less stress because he or she has a plan of action.

We offer Academic Mentorship for students of any age. Tutorials can be scheduled throughout the year – but they are typically planned on a semester basis.  Academic Mentorship sessions are billed by the hour at the rate of $60/hr.

One-on-one Tutorials can be customized for students at any point in their academic career – high school through college. To register for an Academic Mentorship, or to learn more about how we can help, please email or call (913) 322-3400.