ACT Elite Tutoring Package

Total Cost: $19,200 (includes curriculum & resources)
Up to 48 hours of Premier-Level Tutoring*
Meet 1-2x per week for 2 hours each session
2-5 hours of homework from each session
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The ELITE Tutoring package is not for the faint-of-heart. Only students and parents who are ready and willing to remain dedicated to their end goal will be prepared to manage this option. Homework will be mandatory, attendance will be expected, and arriving to each session well rested and ready to engage with the material will be essential.

We will schedule up to 48 hours of Premier-Level Tutoring for the student, meeting 1-2 times each week for 2-hr sessions. We’ll develop a Three Test Approach – with the goal of hosting twelve sessions prior to the first test date and between five and seven sessions before the 2nd and 3rd official exams. Sessions will never be scheduled more than two weeks apart.

*Our goal will be to assist each student achieve a ten point improvement or score in the 33-36 range. A final goal will be agreed upon after an application has been received.


Whether this option will lead to significantly more scholarship money or open the door to a set of colleges that wasn’t available before, the ELITE package will provide a student with the the opportunity to push themselves toward their BIG goals!

And with over 20 years of experience in the college admissions and testing space, Caleb will provide a transformational experience that will completely change the trajectory of each student’s college outcome. He will always give his all for his students, and nothing less than each student’s best will be accepted with this package.


Listen each week.

Listen to find out how students can score better on college placement tests, with techniques and methods that build confidence, beat test anxiety, and identify strengths within each student.


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