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Why Choose GSP?

Our Tutors help each student increase their confidence, work to alleviate test anxiety, identify strengths and areas the student want to improve, and, in the end, maximize the student’s potential with a great score. We help you discover ways to study better and retain knowledge.

What to expect during each session

Private, one-on-one sessions are typically scheduled for 1.5 hours, once per week leading right up to the student’s test date, ie. a 12-hr Tutorial will be held over eight weeks. Sessions will be focused on teaching students the best strategies for the exam, the tendencies of the test makers, review of pertinent content, and the right pacing for the student. Students should expect 2-4 hours of homework from each session…and they’re always welcome to ask for more!

Hourly Rates...just in case

If you’re wanting to schedule a shorter tutorial (or add an extra session or two), you’re welcome to add additional hours to the tutoring packages above.

Standard-Level: $175/hr
Master-Level: $275/hr
Premier-Level: $400/hr


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