Summer College Prep! For many students summer means swimming pools, barbecues, camping trips, and general relaxation. For the class of 2024, however, summer is the ideal time to write essays and complete college applications.

Imagine, if you will, going back to high school in August. It’s your senior year. You’re the top dog on campus. It’s your last chance to participate in pep rallies, school plays, and high school sports teams. Your friends start to ask you where you’re going to school next year. Your teachers start to ask you where you’re going to school next year. You still don’t know where you want to apply. Your friends start to get acceptance letters. You start to freak out. Now, in addition to homework, tests, and all your extracurricular activities, you need to find time to complete your college applications.

Now imagine going back to school in August. It’s your senior year. You spent part of the summer deciding which schools would be a good fit for you next year. You honed your essay writing skills. When college applications were available on August 1st, you were ready to go. By the time school started, you were well on your way to completing your applications  Now with pep rallies, school plays, sports and volunteer work vying for your attention, you’re so glad that you have your college applications done  By the time winter break rolls around, you already know where you’re going to school next year. You no longer dread the question “where are you going to college?” because you know the answer.

Which student would you rather be?

Get Smarter Prep can help you navigate the college application process with ease. Learn what majors and careers are a good fit for you. Get help narrowing down your college list to the top schools that fit your personality. Learn to write a college essay that admissions officers won’t easily forget.

By starting early on your applications, you not only reduce your potential stress levels, but you also have a better shot at getting the money you need for the school you want. All financial aid has a deadline, and some aid is given on a first come, first served basis. Plus, a lot of scholarships require an essay submission, so it is beneficial for you to have an essay you can be proud of.

You can still hit the pool this summer, but don’t forget to take a break for your college applications!