If you like planning ahead as much as we do, then you are in luck since ACT just released test dates for the 2022-2023 calendar year. See below. There are a couple of test dates left for this calendar year including April 2nd, June 11th and July 16th. Next up for the fall include September 10th, October 22nd and December 10th. Take a look at the dates below and start thinking about which dates would work best for you and your schedule.

2022-2023 ACT Test Dates

Choose the Right Test Date

Look at your academic load and see if you are able to handle adding test prep for eight weeks on top of your classes. Keep in mind, you and your tutor will meet once a week for an hour and a half plus you will have about 2-3 hours of ACT homework to finish each week before your next tutoring session.

Another item to think about is how active you are in sports. If you’re right in the middle of your season, then preparing for the ACT on top of practices and games isn’t going to work out the best. Wait until you are finished with your season to start preparing for the ACT.

The June and July test dates are also good options for students with a heavy academic load. Students will have a few weeks to prepare for the June test after school ends, and prep for the July test typically begins in June.

No matter which test date a student chooses, it’s important to prioritize those 8-10 weeks of test prep in order to put your best foot forward for the ACT. If you need help figuring out which test date is best for you and how best to prepare for the test, please reach out to us. Our ACT experts are here to help!