1.  I was a very accomplished handbell (weird musical instrument that Lutherans play in church mostly) player in high school and was offered a scholarship to play in the best collegiate choir.

2.  I had a tremendous hairstyle through high school and part of college.  It is immortalized on my ID.

3.  My first car was a 1992 Lincoln Town Car.  It was an awful salmon pink color.  I loved it.

4.  I spent 10 days hiking in the mountains of New Mexico and did not shower the entire time.

5.  I have a strange talent for leisure games like pool, shuffleboard, and darts, and I use this talent to my advantage.

6.  I cannot turn off a game show, especially if it is trivia-based like Jeopardy.

7.  My music choices run the gamut.  You might hear 2 Chainz and Thelonious Monk back to back.  

8.  Horror movies and being scared are two things I avoid like the plague.

9.  When I was little, I told people that I was going to grow up and be a sports mascot.  This changed when I met Sluggerrrr (Royals mascot) and he scared poor little me.

10.  I’m an only child so I learned to improvise.  This meant using chess pieces to run football plays and attempting to throw sock balls into cardboard boxes.

Boomer Jenkins is a Tutor at Get Smarter Prep.