Fun Facts about Caleb Pierce

1. In fifth grade, I was the lead in A Christmas Carol.  Apparently, as a ten year old, I made a pretty good old man!

2. I have been on two “Baseball Trips” with my brothers and dad.  Including those trips – I’ve been to 19 of the 30 Major League ball parks.  My favorite is definitely Fenway, although I could be a little biased!

3. On January 11th, 2006, I shattered all the bones on the right side of my face playing basketball.  Just one surgery later… humpty dumpty was put together again!

4. While I enjoy exploring new cities and cultures, I definitely prefer beach vacations!  I love the opportunity to escape and deny the real world for a span!

5. As a sophomore in high school, I performed for the Summit of the Eight as a part of the Denver Citywide Marching Band.  Dignitaries included: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Boris Yeltsen, Jacques Chirac – as well as others.  Also performing that evening were artists such as Michael Bolton (whom I briefly said hello to), Amy Grant (who I swear winked at me), and Aretha Franklin.

6. I rang in 2006 on Times Square in New York City.  Definitely a lot of fun to do once, but an adventure I don’t plan on ever doing again!

7. I’ve been in a fantasy baseball league since 2005.  I’ve been in this particular league longer than I’ve ever lived in one place (not just house… but city). 

8. I have one of the most “unique” degrees out there… a Master’s in Enrollment Management. 

9. I love sweet potatoes!  Conversely, I hate zucchini & cucumbers.

10. While I don’t know much about the culture… yet… I would love to visit Malta someday.

 Caleb Pierce is the President and a Tutor at Get Smarter Prep. Thanks for taking the time to read about Fun Facts about Caleb Pierce.