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University of San Diego

Name: Henry Powell College: University of San Diego; Graduation Year: 2012 High School: Pembroke Hill; Graduation Year: 2008 Major: Marketing   1. What first drew you to the University of San Diego? When I was going through my college search, I knew that I wanted to find a school that fit three criteria: a small school […]

Asking for Recommendations

Many colleges require two recommendations; some even require three! Additionally, while a college may not require a recommendation for admission, it may require one for scholarships. A recent article on the College Admission Book website gives three key pointers for asking for recommendations: * Ask in person. No emails. A personal request is most thoughtful. […]

University of Virginia

Name: Page Schult College: University of Virginia; Graduation Year 2015 High School: Pembroke Hill; Graduation Year 2011 Major: History Major with a Minor in Media Studies 1. What first drew you to the University of Virginia? The first time I visited the University of Virginia, I could immediately feel the passion and excitement that every […]

Summer College Prep

Spring is in the air!  Prom is just around the corner, and finals are getting closer.  After finals, comes summer.  For many students, this means swimming pools, barbecues, camping trips, and general relaxation.  For the class of 2014, however, summer is the ideal time to write essays and complete college applications. Imagine, if you will, […]

Springtime for Sophomores

Seniors have heard back from their schools and are finalizing their college choice in preparation for the May 1 deadline. Juniors are taking the ACT or SAT, SAT subject tests, and AP exams. Those two grades have clearly defined paths to college, but what about Sophomores? While spring of sophomore year seems far away from […]

Changes Coming to the SAT

Earlier this year, College Board President (yes, there is such a thing) David Coleman announced in a letter to College Board members that it was time to update the SAT. As Coleman wrote in his letter, “the College Board has a responsibility to the millions of students we serve each year to ensure that our […]

4 Myths about the ACT and SAT

Periodically we hear myths circulating around the Kansas City area, some related to us by parents, others related to us by our students. We’ve collected a few of them here – some to roast, some to verify as truth, but mostly to inform about disinformation. We hope it is helpful! 1. Isn’t the SAT for […]

The Super Bowl and Test Prep

The Huffington Post Blog had an interesting post by Nancy Berk, Ph. D., titled “College Admission Tips to Learn From the Super Bowl.” It is a terrific, and timely, read, and we hope everyone gets a chance to check it out.  While all ten of her lessons apply to college admissions, a two of them […]

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is a blight on our educational system. It exists simply because of the overwhelming number of applications to undergraduate and graduate programs. When grades, personal statements, portfolios, and letters of recommendation fail to winnow, admissions committees look to a timed multiple-choice exam. They need a tiebreaker and this is the “best” the system […]