What's Next for Students?

What’s Next for Students?

With so many things happening this year, you might be left saying, “What’s Next for Students”? 2020 has been the year of change for so many reasons, but many high school Sophomores and Juniors are wondering what are they supposed to do now? Do they take the ACT? If so, which test date? If they do not take the ACT, is that okay too?

Let’s start with moving forward. The April 4th ACT was canceled and many locations across the country also canceled the June ACT. Those students who were signed up to take the test on those dates were pushed back to June or July, respectively. The July national test date isn’t hugely popular, although many of our tutors think it’s a good choice for students who don’t want to compete with studying for the ACT while in school.

The September 12th ACT is a great test date for students to aspire to since they will already be about a month into school at that point and will be able to get back into the swing of studying and applying themselves scholastically.  As far as test prep goes, our courses start July 21st in preparation for the September test. Since prep begins in the summer, students have more flexibility with their schedules for about half of their total test prep.

ACT Test Date Prep Start Date
September 12th  July 21st
October 24th  September 3rd

Another option for students to consider is waiting until the fall/winter to take the ACT in either October or December. Keep in mind, test prep at Get Smarter Prep for any ACT is generally eight weeks in length. Make sure your schedules are cohesive with studying and prepping for a certain ACT date.

Test Optional

For the class of 2021, is the ACT necessary? For some colleges and universities, the answer is no. Due to COVID-19, certain schools are reconsidering the ACT for the class of 2021 for college acceptance. However, that does not take into consideration Merit-Based Scholarships. Those scholarships will still be based on your GPA as well as your ACT score. Keep that in mind as you consider whether to take the ACT.   

The bottom line for high school students moving forward, is to do your own research. Some colleges will be test optional, some will not. Some colleges will accept students from the class of 2021 with or without an ACT/SAT. Still, other colleges will only offer Merit-Based Scholarships with a certain ACT score. Each school is different, so make sure to look into every college on your list and see what their requirements are before making a rash decision.

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February 25th ACT for Kansas Juniors

There are quite a few ACT dates to choose from throughout the year including the new February 25th test date for Kansas Juniors.  This is actually the second year Kansas has offered a free ACT to all public-school Juniors. Last year, the test date was postponed from the end of February to the very beginning of April due to a snowstorm.

What does this mean for Juniors? There are two ACT dates for February. One on February 8th, which is a national test date, and of course February 25th, exclusively for Kansas Juniors attending public school.  Those specific Juniors can take the ACT twice in February. You will have to sign up for both in advance. You can’t simply take the February 8th test, receive your scores back approximately 10 days later around the 18th, and if you’re not satisfied with your score then sign up for the February 25th test. The deadline for the Feb 25th test date is usually toward the middle of December. The deadlines for both test dates are below.

  February 8th ACT  February 25th ACT
Registration Deadline January 10th  Mid-December 
Late Registration Deadline January 17th  Check with your school 

Students will want to check with their high school as some schools opt-in every Junior automatically and other schools require students to opt-in for the test instead of automatically enrolling the students.

Since this is Kansas and there could possibly be another blizzard in February, ACT.org has planned an alternate date for a make up date for April 7th.

Testing with Accommodations

If you have testing accommodations such as time and half or testing on numerous dates, then your window is between February 25-28, 2020 and March 2-6, 2020 for a make up date.

Online Testing

Students will have access to online testing for this ACT as well. The initial testing window is February 25-27, 2020 and March 3-5, 2020.

The makeup online testing window is April 7-9, 2020 and April 14-16, 2020.

ACT Prep

Get Smarter Prep is offering a specific ACT prep class for the February 25th ACT date. We are holding an ACT Prep Course at our Leawood location. Classes are more than likely to fill quickly, so make sure you register before December 20th. Semi-Private and Private Tutoring is always available.

We are also offering our Standard and Advanced Course for the February 8th ACT date at our Mission location as well as Semi-Private and Private Tutoring. Classes start soon, so be sure to register before December 18th. 



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Partnership with Team Cura

Partnership with Team CuraSM

Get Smarter Prep is excited to announce a new partnership with Overland Park-based, Team CuraSM. Team CuraSM is a digital education provider specializing in personal brand development for high school athletes that show potential to play at the next level.

As a member of their Skills Beyond DrillsSM Training Program, your athlete receives a series of short videos and guides. Each interactive video offers detailed steps to help your athlete gain confidence in the areas such as social media smarts, professionalism, time management, personal brand development, leadership, and more.

Each athlete will receive a series of videos, guides, E-books and activities, giving them a variety of ways to learn. Every resource offers detailed steps to help you student gain confidence in developing their personal brand.

Their team makes it easy for busy students to have access to the Skills Beyond DrillsSM training program by providing availability on smart phones, tablets and computers.

Team Cura’s goal is to help every student-athlete build their personal brand while effectively being able to communicate to their teammates, parents, teachers, and coaches throughout their high school career and onto college or beyond.

To learn more about Team CuraSM, visit their website.

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